How do I put a tapered fork on my Cannondale mountain bike?

  • kp205assembly

  • This is one of the top questions we answer on a daily basis at We have a post about matching up mountain bike headsets here. But there’s a lot more information there than most people need.

    If you have an SI headset, meaning the Lefty/Headshok bearings (HD169) fit directly into the frame, and you want to match up a 1 1/8″ to 1.5″ tapered fork, you need the KP205.

    Search for KP205 on
    Bikes with SI headtubes include Scalpel 29er, Flash, F-Si, 2011+ Jekyll, Trigger, Rize, RZ, Rush Carbon 26″, Rush 29  and many others starting around 2009.

    • KP205/ Headset

    • SI Headtube uses HD169/ headset bearings with Lefty. Use KP205 for tapered forks in this frame.



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