How do I put a tapered fork on my Cannondale frame?

UPDATE: A full guide has been posted with a chart as to which headset you need for your frame and fork. Take a look now!

kp205_thumbnailIf you have a Cannondale frame with integrated headset cups, meaning it is the SI headtube and is Lefty/Headshok compatible, there is a headset available from Cannondale to make the conversion to a tapered steerer traditional fork from Fox, RockShox, etc.

The KP205 has the same outer diameter as the Headshok bearings and head tubes, but tapers the bearing down at the top to 1-1/8″ and the bottom to 1.5″.

If you are trying to reduce down to a 1-1/8″ straight fork, the headset you need is KP058. If you are trying to reduce down to a 1.5″ straight fork, you need a KP119. Until late 2012, the only way to get a tapered fork setup is to take the top half of the KP058 and bottom of KP119 and make one headset out of it.

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  1. Jonas-
    Before KP205 was invented, we had to tell people to use the top half of a KP058 and the bottom of a KP119. At least that way you get two extra bearings. Unfortunately the KP205 will be a little while before Cannondale has more available for us.

    • Ok – sounds good. I am not in that big of a hurry. Just to be sure, I have a 2002 F3000SL with 1 1/2″ Cannondale HeadShok SI and HeadShok Fatty Ultra DL fork. The KP205 is still what I need right? Or the combination you mentioned. Any idea when KP205 will be in stock again?
      Best regards, Jonas

  2. Hello everyone.

    Great info but I think I got lost somewhere. Trying to convert a 2012 Jekyll to a tapered fork. Which kit should I get? KP205 should be OK?

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