Do I need a new bottom bracket to add the SpideRing to my existing Hollowgram Si SL?

kp245_thumbYou won’t need to change anything except adding the SpideRing to the crank. You’ll need a couple tools to do it, but you can use the same bottom bracket and lockring you currently have on your bike. Those need to be changed for different frames or different cranks, but if you keep the same crank, you’ll be just fine. The tools you will need are KP012 and KP013.

There is not a different 10 or 11 speed version of the SpideRing as alluded to on various cycling blogs. Cannondale only makes two models, compact or standard. It is the SpideRing on the 2013 Team replica bike with SRAM Red 10 as it is on the new 11 speed Dura-Ace bikes.

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