How to remove a Cannondale Hollowgram crank arm

Removing Hollowgram arms of all generations (as of 2015) are removed with the KT013 crank puller. Remove the crank bolt with a 10mm hex wrench. Thread the smaller inner piece into the bottom bracket spindle threads using an 8mm hex wrench. Thread the outer piece into the crankarm threads until it is tight. Use the […]

Do I need a new bottom bracket to add the SpideRing to my existing Hollowgram Si SL?

You won’t need to change anything except adding the SpideRing to the crank. You’ll need a couple tools to do it, but you can use the same bottom bracket and lockring you currently have on your bike. Those need to be changed for different frames or different cranks, but if you keep the same crank, […]

Upgrading to Hollowgram SL from Gossamer BB30 on 2011 SuperSix

I have a 2011 cannondale supersix with FSA Gossamer cranks. I would like to upgrade to Hollowgram SLs. I have the cranks in hand already but I have been told that I need a cannondale bottom bracket. Is this accurate? The FSA bottom bracket will not be compatible with the new cranks? If your Gossamer […]


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